The 3 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Sacrificing quality with quantity

Quality and consistency are some of the top rules in content in content marketing. For instance, consider the case of a Chef on a cooking network. Initially, the Cook does detailed presentations at a specific time and everyone is impressed with the sessions. As time goes, however, the Chef begins presenting long yet inconsistent and undetailed content. In this situation, you are convinced that the Chef will start losing viewers since s/he has compromised the quality of the marketing content.

Not conducting research on topic

A badly researched content easily backfires from its intended purpose. Not researching at all is worse off. You need to collect a lot of information concerning the subject matter to create content that is reliable in your marketing.

Overly concentrating on SEO

SEO can be a great tool for content marketers but it is often overused. The popularity of SEO in utilizing the content to influence ranking has created “SEO myopia” (hyper-focus on SEO). But you need to know SEO is not everything, therefore, don’t disregard other aspects the content as if it is the only one that matters.

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