The 3 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Sacrificing quality with quantity

Quality and consistency are some of the top rules in content in content marketing. For instance, consider the case of a Chef on a cooking network. Initially, the Cook does detailed presentations at a specific time and everyone is impressed with the sessions. As time goes, however, the Chef begins presenting long yet inconsistent and undetailed content. In this situation, you are convinced that the Chef will start losing viewers since s/he has compromised the quality of the marketing content.Continue reading

Why is Amazon Buying Whole Foods?

Amazon wanted a bigger retail footprint

Previously Amazon had been mainly dealing with online shopping. But things started to change in 2016 when Amazon announced plans to start a mobile-checkout-based grocery store to be located in Seattle. The acquisition of Whole Foods brought by Amazon added 465 physical stores to its chain that it can use to enhance its envisioned future retail expansion.Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Content Matter on Any Kind of Marketing

Customers trust you more while as you look expert at the same time

When you create great insightful content, you create a following from the customers especially if they consider your marketing content to be having an expert touch. When you focus on a given content, you make sure it is well researched thus making it look like it was prepared by a professional. If you want your clients to view you as an expert, you must earn that respect. If you have the expert wisdom in your content, your clients will trust more.

With great content, you amass a library of it, attracting new viewers to your brand’s website.

Every time you post outstanding content, it adds up to your pre-existing stash of equally valuable content. Cumulative content stacked up for some time is great when you enable SEO on your website. This is because visitors can access old information that can be still relevant to their needs. Besides, it has reference value to both the marketing team and the clients alike. Genuine and helpful information will keep clients coming on your page and recommending it to others.

Good content establishes your brand and can increase market share

It can take quite some time to establish your brand. To speed the speed, however, content posting can turn things around. For instance, posting marketing content on social media popularizes and introduces your brand to a lot of people that could be hard to reach had you tried other techniques or having not posted the content at all. This eventually makes your company recognizable in the industry. The secret here is that the more the content you produce, the more the clients you might attract hence the more the sales and growth. The content should maintain quality and relevance among other factors.

Content is the bedrock of SEO and can be a supplement to inbound marketing

SEO is a driving force behind any marketing strategy and effective SEO requires great content. For instance, content houses the essential keywords placed in correct places in the appropriate format to promote web optimization. Basically, content improves the rankings of your business’s page on search engines. Besides, content acts as a supplement to inbound marketing other than promoting it. When other pages provide links to your page recommending its content to visitors who might be interested in related topics, this collaboration tends to market your products and popularizes your brand.

Content makes you understand your audience other than being the first contact between your brand and the prospective customers.

This is to mean that good quality content acts as a window and a door; whenever a new client meets your brand, s/he meets it through it. First impression matters, so is the nice content. For this reason, it is your duty to communicate the personality of your business to the audience in the best way possible to guard the credibility of your brand. When you do the analysis on how your marketing content is performing, you get to understand your audience and their view about your brand.